MacIntyre Engagement

MacIntyre Engagement

Our Engagement Story

Six months later, I am still giddy and filled with excitement to marry my best friend!  Steve blew me away with every detail of the special day and this trip.  I also want to share the Fearrington House, a hidden gem in the heart of Carolina, it is truly magical and will forever hold a special place in our hearts!

Fearrington Village

Steve and I planned a weekend getaway to Fearrington Village just before Christmas.  This magical village is nestled on a dairy farm just south of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  We planned to settle in for the weekend, explore and take advantage of everything the village has to offer–and that’s exactly what we did.  Steve and I are self-proclaimed foodies and the various restaurants and eateries in the village did not disappoint.  Our trip was filled with love and delicious meals and treats at every turn.  If you are looking for a romantic weekend getaway, a wedding venue, or the perfect spot for dinner–I highly recommend Fearrington Village.

We arrived just in time for dinner the first evening and split the most incredible wagu beef tartare and fried chicken dish.

We returned to our room nightly to discover Taylor Fladgate’s Fine Tawny Port and the most incredible handcrafted truffles.

Our First Day at Fearrington

We could’ve spent the entire day in our cozy suite outfitted with a fireplace and heated floors.  Fearrington treated us to a bottle of champagne on arrival so we started our day with a glass of bubbly and were off the explore and eat our way through the village.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and was certainly a highlight of our stay!  Breakfast, fresh squeezed juice and smoothies are complimentary during your stay and you don’t want to miss a bite!

After breakfast, we explored the gardens and then returned to shower and get ready for the day.  Our room included the most fabulous and elegant jacuzzi tub–I shared a walk-through on my story and had two women ask me to find out details on the make and model.  It’s the simple things.

Steve and I had lunch at the Belted Goat while exploring the village.  Despite being a self-proclaimed foodie, there is nothing more I enjoy or appreciate than a perfectly cooked grilled cheese sandwich and a delicious bisque.  Steve and I enjoyed lunching at the Belted Goat so much we returned everyday during the remainder of our stay.

After we ate, I suggested we grab another cocktail for good measure.  After all, we were on a weekend getaway and had no plans of leaving this little slice of heaven.  Steve is not the kind of fella to deny me a cocktail, but he started acting a little funny and babbled out some words about how I should wait until we explored a little more.  OK, wait I shall.  Off we went to the garden.

How He Proposed

Our room overlooked the gardens so I had been eyeing them all morning and wanting to check them out for myself.  I strolled into the garden chatting away.  When I turned the corner, I started freaking out–ITS HAPPENING!  I knew Steve was the one after just a few dates, so I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t dreamed about this moment for years.  I wish I had a recording of the moment because it happened so fast and I was SO overcome with love and joy that I don’t remember exactly what Steve said–but I hardly let him finish before I blurted out YES!!!   

I must be a space cadet because so many little things from that day stared to make sense–Steve kept disappearing that morning while I was getting ready and while I didn’t think anything of it at the time, he was off putting this special moment together with the fabulous folks at Fearrington Village and Spike Foto.

The Ring

We returned to our cozy abode to call our family and closest friends to share our exciting news!

We celebrated with dinner at the Fearrington House Restaurant.  To say we loved the Chef’s Tasting would be an understatement.  Even now, six months later, I can tell you what we ate.  Above is the sunchoke soup with brown butter and pecan (left) and citrus cured salmon with creme fraiche (right).  Fearrington really knows how to celebrate and make you feel special.  We left with so many goodies and tokens of our time there that we will forever cherish. 

Here we have the braised pork with beet and dill (left) and short ribs with new season carrots (right).  The food at the Fearrington House is truly memorable.

Our Final Day at Fearrington

We began our first day of being engaged with a couples massage at the tranquil Fearrington Village Spa.

Then the future MacIntyre’s took a trip to McIntyre Books before another lunch at Belted Goat (where I treated myself to another other-worldly grilled cheese and bisque).

We spent lots of time watching the cows and enjoying the beautiful scenery and landscape.

Afternoon Tea at The Fearrington House

Pinkies out for afternoon tea and treats with my fiance!

We enjoyed teas and a variety of homemade goodies including macaroons, croissants, bite-sized sandwiches and Fearrington’s famous jams and pairings.  If you live in the research triangle park, I absolutely recommend grabbing your mom, significant other, or children for a delicious and fun experience overlooking the dairy farm and cows.

The Fearrington House Restaurant

Our final meal at the Fearrington House began with smoked beef tartare accompanied by cured egg yolk (left) and lobster and sweet jesus oyster with honey mussels (right).

Lastly, the butter poached king crab with white chocolate (left) and the malted syrup braised parsnip with gingerbread (right).  The food at Fearrington House is truly something to write home about.

An Unforgettable Weekend

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